Own R+D

New products and systems towards industrialization

We develop our own model of industrialization based on a new way of dividing the building into functional units.


R+D+I Technology Transfer

The knowledge of the centre, available to companies

We offer knowledge and experience in materials technology, thermal and acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental impact.


Market intelligence and technology watch

Understanding the market to focus research

We analyse the competitive environment for placing products on the market in position to take advantage of their full technical and commercial potential.


Resources and OTRI

Information and management services for R+D+I

We manage technology projects and keep you informed of funding calls, changes in codes, research breakthroughs and new products.



Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Seminar and training courses on LCA in buildings (2012 December 4, 5 and 11). Free attendance

Tecnología iMat para Escofet

iMat technology for Escofet

Technology transfer agreement in the field of concrete


iMat at Construmat 2011

iMat system of industrialization is the technological base of the 6th edition of Casa Barcelona

From 2012 iMat merged with Ascamm Foundation, maintaining and enhacing their research works.

Fundació Ascamm